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Why do many Chinese become much more nationalistic and defensive ....

Why do many Chinese become much more nationalistic and defensive about China after living in the west?

Because you guys believe in an ALTERNATIVE REALITY of China which is totally BS according to our personal experiences and have always been forcing us to admit that’s the REALITY otherwise we must be brainwashed by the evil CPC.

Some of these alternative reality pieces include:

‘Oh you know CPC killed 60 million of its own people’ (Really? why I have no relative even remotely heard of this? Where did you get these numbers?? Later in life I read that this ‘60 million’ comes from some highly assumptive statistic calculation. LOL.)

‘China is just like North Korea. People there have no freedom no money and half of them still starving. Very backward’ (The fact is you can pretty much get whatever you like in Shanghai or Beijing like you get in NYC or Chicago, at only a fraction of the cost. The middle class’ living standard has been increasingly improving. In fact, even the AVERAGE living standard in China is getting close to let’s say Poland, Brazil, or Turkey. We are a middle-income country now.)
[Spoiler (click to open)]
‘Tibetans are oppressed and want independence!’(well this is just a lie. Plain and simple. This might be the opinion of Tibetans in exile but hardly any truth is there for the great majority of Tibetans nowadays. The fact WE all know is Tibet receives massive financial aids and Tibetans receive a lot of favorable treatments in primary education, college entrance, government jobs, military jobs, and etc. Han people kinda envy these you know? Oh and their culture has been quite supported by the gov as well. In fact in pure market economy I don’t think these Tibetan singers and artists can survive, without government subsidies.)

‘All Made In China are produced in sweatshops!’ (Just visit a factory in China. In fact, nowadays the Chinese manufacturing faces lack of labor. The average income of a factory worker can be above $700 in Shenzhen. And they crave for over-time work because it earns them more $. The modern Chinese manufacturing is built upon supply-chain, efficiency, and automation. NOT sweatshops or child labor.)

‘All the Chinese who can afford oversea study are from well-off party families so that’s why they are supportive of the CPC regime. The lower class in China are very oppressed and all want to overthrow the regime! ’ (LOL. People of lower classes in China tend to be more nationalistic and supportive of CPC. For them, CPC is where their hope comes from and they kinda rely their social mobility and income increase on CPC. Plus you know how many of them scream for a war against Japan to revenge what they did to his/her great-grandfarther? And the expense of studying abroad, assume non-scholarship, is pricey but in a Confuscism culture where education is highly emphasized, can be quite good investment for a lot of urban middle-class families in China. )

So now, try to put yourself in our shoes:

You come abroad to study, and the people there want to insert some alternative reality of YOUR OWN COUNTRY into YOUR MIND, and want you to believe it is REAL thus you should go home and overthrow the gov that lifted your entire family out of poverty.

At the meanwhile, you encounter bamboo ceilings, semi-public racist media coverage of your kind, and some not-so-subtle racisms in daily life(heard of Harvard? It says we Asians have no personalities!).

Oh plus these are the same people who invaded your country from 1800s to 1900s and exploited it to keep your ancestors poor, starving, if not dead. Note during that period these people could just kill your people on your own soil WITHOUT any punishment.

Won’t all these make you more patriotic?
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