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China hits back at ‘unjustified’ foreign laws that hurt its businesses

China’s Ministry of Commerce has issued a list of rules to counter “unjustified” foreign laws and restrictions, prohibiting its firms and citizens from complying with these measures amid the US crackdown on Chinese companies.

The document, officially called ‘Rules on Counteracting Unjustified Extraterritorial Application of Foreign Legislation and Other Measures’, says it applies to situations in which “the extra-territorial application of foreign legislation” hampers normal economic and trade activities of Chinese nationals or organizations with third-party states. Posted on the ministry’s website on Saturday, the rules are effective immediately.

The rules instruct a person or entity to report violations to the relevant department within 30 days. If a special working group further finds that compliance with foreign restrictions runs counter to international law or affects national security, they can issue a “prohibition order,” blocking relevant foreign legislation and measures from being “accepted, executed, or observed.”

The Chinese government can take “necessary counter-measures” in response to foreign restrictions, the ministry said, echoing Beijing’s reaction to most actions against its companies. The government also pledged to provide “necessary support” if the affected party “suffers significant losses” from non-compliance with foreign legislation.

В двух словах о чем.....
Китайцы, вместо того чтобы бахнуть по Вашингтону, делают что-то исключительно нехорошее -- покушаются на глобальное применение амовских законов. Теперь постановление ступидвильского канавного суда уже нельзя будет просто так взять и использовать для обоснования ареста имущества и подобных постыдных поступков против китайских интересов. Кроме очевидного, это автоматически создаёт огромный пузырь безопасности, в который входит и Гонконг, потому что после недавних событий китайцы не будут пассивно смотреть на подобные наезды на суверенитет

Информация совестливо потырена в жж у Ardel'Fi
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